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 Open again!❤️ 


The colors and patterns are completely customizable. Here are a few past projects.

Dragon Eye Box

Dragon Head

Rose Cross


Telephone: +903-39535494

E-mail: Becsartndagons@gmail.com

Address: Jefferson TX USA, 75657

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We are a small business specializing in all things dragon related.  We also carry other merchandise as well! But dragons are the Artists passion.  She suffers from debilitating seizures so each piece is her way of fighting back against them..... With a passion and a gift from GOD she moves forward with each piece.  She strives to ensure no two pieces are ever alike.


Special orders can be made on any of of r products with anyx color combinations of your choice. We have over 100.+ Regular and 30+ color shifting chameleon. Your imagination is my limitation 

Turn around

Typical turn around time on any project or special order is 1-3 days plus shipping time.  Shipping is done through USPS unless otherwise noted and paid for.

All orders will be provided with tracking numbers via text message so please  ensure a good phone number is left.  *Phone numbers not kept unless you want on mailing list for new product not in stores.


Warning not all new products make it on to the website. Please check Facebook page and TikTok app for new product.  As they will always be there first! Sales can be made via Paypal through those venues.

Please enjoy the shop 

If you have any questions please reach out and ask.. if your in love with a product but not the price? Reach out we have discount codes and sale offers all the time listed on Facebook and our tictok we will gladly give you.

Please feel free to reach out there are soo many product you may see on TikTok or Facebook that just have not made the store yet,